Wednesday, February 25, 2015

24"x 36" Peme Bon Won River Flush oil on canvas

Has been awhile since I've shared a new work here for this blog...a fun piece, pushing the envelope...painting the wings as I or any might see them in the wild.  A blur of shorter wings  explosively push a chunkier body almost recklessly thru the air.

The ruffed grouse, of northern Wisconsin...

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Top Ridge Bruiser...16"x 20" oil on linen..

Here is the painting of an oak ridge...minus the buck yet to be painted in...

and now here, a mature buck put in approaching the scene of a scrape beneath a licking branch of an old oak...and a nearby rub.  So, is this territory of the approaching buck returning to investigate, and an intruder??

Thursday, March 25, 2010

24"x 48" acrylic "Pike River Escape"...Ruffed Grouse

This is a donation finished today, for the RGS or
Ruffed Grouse Society...once more their honored
featured artist.  Goes up for live auction this Saturday
and my lovely wife will be along for the event, and
the nice dinner...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of my VERY FIRST paintings...and available!

I received an email from an individual experiencing a very difficult road in life right now health-wise, no doubt leading to very expensive care. Asking if I would know anyone that might be interested in purchasing this work he bought from me back in 1983...

The painting has a bit of history, I was finishing up my last year in college on the GI Bill...married with two quite young sons. I was a black sheep, as I would be referred to by art profs as my schooling was during the anti-art era of the 70's...and squirting paint in cow manure and whipping it at a canvas would have gone further to earn myself high marks. However, I was checking books out of the university library copying works of Frans Hals and Rembrandt to teach myself how to paint, and then taking subjects dear to me and trying my hand at it.

I was pouring brownish glazes on my works back then, rubbing off with a soft rag which was a technique of chiaroscuro developed in the late Renaissance and Baroque period of painting. It gives a three-dimensional rendering effect of form, and pulls the work together as a whole.

As it would go...the building custodians took a liking to the development of this work on my studio easel and along with others, traveled the four floors up to see it come along. Not caring much else for what other students were doing, which further led to the disdain for my work and presence.

This piece (if memory serves me right) was finished sometime in my last year around 1979...and in 1983 a good friend prodded me to paint up an entree for Wisconsin's annual Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, which I then won in 1984 and more or less catapulted my career painting.

Were my work in general, and myself as an artist to have an important place in art history...and until one's passing how shall we ever know(?)...a work such as this would have great value, showing the development of a painter. Today...I get about $5 per square inch on such sizes... (24"x 36") and would be worth $4320...painted up fresh. However with history to it, and 30 years more painting that followed arguably some broader intrinsic value.

The owner is asking $1600...and if anyone is interested, please contact me and I'll put you in contact with the buyer. Again...this will help defray his costs of his medical needs, and we wish him certainly all the best.

As always, clicking on the image brings up a larger image to view...


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ducks Unlimited...Redheads Oil Paintng

18"x 24" oil...Redheads...

Could it be early morning...eyes peeled to the skies when
suddenly from the side of the blind a group of redhead
divers come wisking by? Could it be last half hour of
light where the sun throws much glare on the water, and
your last hope of the day for ducks to decoy?

To feel the air's chill with brisk winds, maybe break a
good bit of surface ice to get your skiff out into the water.
The bobbing and forming of ice beards on your decoy
bills. Its a moment one takes everything in, the mood
of nature and any sign of a change leading to dangerous
conditions, the fronts that push migrations. All quite
exciting for the waterfowler to experience and take in!

This piece, just finished is my donation to the Fox Valley
Ducks Unlimited chapter...where I'm the featured artist,
and as always an honor to help raise monies for habitat,
conseravation, management; all coming up August the

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2nd Runner-up 2010 Wis Inland Trout Stamp

Well...a little disappointing, but first entree back
into state competition in a number of years, and
first entree with oils...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Buffleheads- Rough Water Bay 12"x 24" oil

This is a work nearing its finishing, an oil representing
the mood of the bay of Green Bay, which borders the west
shores of Wisconsin's Brown and Door County Peninsula,
Lake Michigan on the east shores. Weather fronts, later
season brings these little divers down from Canada in
migration, as well as goldeneyes, bluebills and such.
They strike one as having a comical nature, twisting and
turning, very animated in swimming, heads flipping about
raising up and looking.

As always, clicking on the image brings up a larger view.

The style here has grown from my outdoor plein air
experiences...that is a painterliness born out of necessity
setting up and painting outdoors on location, due to the
nature of light to at any more change. Compare that to
my acrylics done instudio...this one way back in 1984...
The 3rd place finalist entree for the New York Duck
Stamp competition, the American Widgeon or what we
affectionately call, the "baldpate"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brown Trout oil...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Near Finished...Bluebills on the Bay...oil painting

Well...been awhile since I posted progress pics on
this blog, and now nearly finished...

Added some incoming bills now, and using a rounded
toothpick that I use with a drafting lead holder pencil,
I paint finer detail such as the ripples on the water to
suggest the breeze/wind effects that accomodate the
coming of a front, and also some of the detailing of those
more distant incoming ducks. Here's what that tool
looks like-

*as always, click on the images to see larger...thanks!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Longtail Island Bluebills- Oil Painting

Starting a new one that goes a long way back to very fond
memories with friends of my youth, friends still...that of
waterfowling on the bay of Green Bay. Nothing represents
such more for me than the view of Longtail Island, now
very much grown in and near less an island. We used to
wade with decoys over one shoulder, shotgun the other
out into the pitch black thigh to hip deep water in the
direction of the island not seen until about 40 yards off
of its welcome shores.

Somedays so cold, we'd have to break thru 20 yards of ice
to get out or push a skiff.

Here I have a front moving in, indicated by the darker
cloud above...always a welcome time for waterfowlers as
such fronts mean the big wave of Canadian divers will
be on the move. Often bluebills and buffleheads, a good
number of redheads rafting up to congregate and create
islands of ducks 5,000 to 7,000 strong. A site to see.

This is the beginning stages, having painted the background
and using photoshop and my old sketches, am working on
placement of the ducks to assemble a pleasing painting
composition. I'll post the finished work when completed.

Clicking on the smaller image will bring up a much nicer

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Studying the Whitetail Deer...

Birthed from often helping artists learn to better
understand how to see a deer artistically, study its
anatomy and get it right...I have created this pdf
downloadable file... Studying Deer

Hopefully you will find it helpful in your own
depictions of deer...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Privilege of North Wood's Livin'...

Well...I paint what I live...and what I live inspires
me deeply when I paint!

This late afternoon, I took my best bird huntn' partner
and friend...Ashley, (a curly-hair golden retriever) and
enjoyed some fall action upland bird hunting. My Ash is
eleven years old now, and for the past number of years
I've had my wife take at least one photo of her, myself
and some birds as I never know if it will be her last

What a night...we jumped 17-20 ruffed grouse total,
missed one other. The woods were too thick yet this
time of year, but it sure helps to have a great dog.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finished Winter Runoff Black Bear 8"x 10" oil

 the title says, it is now finished. I also took
the photo outdoors in a bit better lighting, so color
may appear slightly different from the originals below.

I made a few darker accents, along the rock in the
nearer area where water lapping might make the rock
darker anyway, but the aesthetic painter's reason for
such is the anchor the darks of the bear so that its
very dark stark value does not appear foreign to the

Indeed a big black bear bruin with its rich velvety
black fur would appear astonishingly black up close
and personal. Anyone surprised by a bear in near
proximity will remember that about them!

I'm leaning at this time using this as a reference now
to start a much larger canvas...40"x 50" or larger.

I invite you to click on the image to see larger...and
thanks for looking!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Winter Run Off Black Bear...8"x 10" oil

Painted the waterfalls and woodland scene first, then
added this black bear. Will work a bit more color, some
warms and softening to get the bear to feel the light
and surrounding environment

here is a on either image to see larger.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Alaskan Moose...9"x 12" oil

This 9"x 12" study of an Alaskan moose is perhaps
as finished as I believe it needs to be, saving the
more in-depth work for a much larger studio
piece, My thinking at this time is about a 48"x 60"
stretched canvas.

below is the process of sketches and thinking
that resulted in the painting above-

This is a sketch I worked up in my sketchbook, of another
try at a bull moose. After studying a number of paintings
of Carl Rungius (1869-1959)...wanting to touch on his
giving the moose such a sense of nobility, majestic strength
and power, I was getting quite frustrated.

It wasn't until I pulled my sketchbook out, and started
working things out...

What follows is my progression, and when I was done, I came
to the conclusion that Rungius lengthened his body length
a half-head length. Mine was 3-1/2 heads (from nose to just
where the brow tine begins), and Rungius makes his a full
four head length.

Picasso once said that "art is a lie that tells the truth" and
sometimes in experiencing a moment in nature, our senses
feel something that perhaps only stretching the truth visually

first visualized the mass and volume of the moose using
perspective and rectangles/boxes to give form

Then I put flesh to this form, and come up with my moose,
but, its not been Rungius'ified yet!! That comes next!

I now push the rump, the shoulder back to reflect that
half-head length addition I observed in Rungius portrayal
of the bull moose...indicated by the red arrows...

Then, I re-work the flesh over again to come up with my
stretched truth...which immediately seems to my eye to
deliver on that greater truth I'm after, namely the
majesty...the noble nature of these fine beasts!

The final touch was working Wolff carbon pencils up to
6B into the drawing, then applying a bit of water using
a sable watercolor brush which converts the carbon
drawing to a wash watercolor. I felt I had a good
feeling for the form having followed this study and
analysis of Rungius moose, and the effort has resulted
in some greater confidence for which the study/painting
above then was birthed. ,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Changes...and better I think... Moose Oil Painting

Well...advice I often give artists I realized was a pill
I needed to swallow myself today. Anytime something
doesn't quite feel right, 90% of the time its going to
be an issue related to values. Now, its not finished,
the oil needs to tack up so I can paint a bit more into
the fur and such, but its now feeling more to me like
its saying "big honkin bull moose!"

...and here a closeup...but, click on the image and
much larger view!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A study of a Moose in Oils... 9"x 12"

Using a Zorn Palette...of red, black, yellow ocre and white..
I started a study of a wading, drinking bull moose today-

Working on this for my next book I am writing on learning
to paint painterly realism.

What is interesting is that aesthetically any stage or level of
finishing such a painting like this is possible. I could leave
the left side nearly as is...with a few sketched lines, bring to
a great refinement a focal point such as the head/eyes area
of the moose's head. I could paint the whole of the moose,
leaving it looser, more painterly brushwork...or refine one
area again, finish the whole of the moose more painterly,
and add a suggestive background.

It becomes all kind of fun to play with such, considering one's
options along the way. Will repost when finished...

Clicking on image reveals a nicer large image of the moose.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Common Goldeneye- Oil painting 8"x 10"

Finished this painting today, very satisfying after so
many years in a couple ways. One, such a painting
fifteen years ago would have required about 50-100
hours time, and this painted in just over four hours.
Secondly...I kept this in a painterly mode...tightening
what was necessary only...

Hope you enjoy...and clicking on image will reveal a
larger view.

Here also is a step by step painting of this painting

Monday, March 31, 2008

Common Goldeneye- Oil painting

Started this one 8"x 10" oil...and like
the Goose painting below, I'll be making a
2-1/2 minute short video on its making start to
finish. I'll post that here as this one gets finished.

I'm painting on MFD board...sealed with polycrylic,
gesso and pumice...

Spring Thaw Canadian Goose- Oil Painting 8"x 10"

Canada Goose Oil painting, and included, a YouTube
video of this painting coming together start to finish!

Click on image to see larger...the color and brushwork...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A bit more on the eagle....

Not sure I'll go much farther than this on the detailing of
the eagle. Going for pose, character, sense of softness
on feathering...but wanting the eagle to feel about the
distance from the viewer I want, and greater detail would
certainly not be the case.

I'll eye this one up a few days and see what I think, if its
about done....

Clicking on image brings up a nicer larger view to take in!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Chilkat Fishin' Buddies...more progress oil painting

Well..not a whole lot of time today, but progress is progress
and I feel I'm startin' to get this eagle where I want it...happy
thus far. More to do...but gettn' there.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Chilkat Fishing Buddies 32"x 36" oil

Taking an old scene I painted from my time two
summers ago in Alaska, and finally starting to add
a gliding eagle.

The Chilkat Mountains (off Juneau) are absolutely
stunning...and we saw eagles abound. In some
places, perhaps as many as 1500 eagles...and yes,
the dog/chum salmon were running...

I just blocked in the basic shape, values and color
and will begin knit pickin' next week...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ruffed Grouse Oil Painting...progress

here after today...wish I had more time to paint.
Teaching's been taking up much of it...

a few closeups...trying to keep background soft and thin layers,
and nearer foliage thicker and carefully laid on...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Progress steps of a ruffed grouse painting I'm working on,
putting yellow-greens, yellows, and pinks into the sky..
as paint dabs, and will build that up more.
I am approaching the work of the wings a bit more cautiously,
as I want to suggest movement...a slight blur or soft focus.

Here is a closeup of some brush and color work...and clicking on
the images will bring up a larger image of both images here.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Announcement...Work Now on

Just wanted to announce to those that follow my blogspot, that
I have now another site, a gallery of works that will be available
for sale, but even more importantly I will be offering various
works I've painted and yet will paint as giclee prints. Those that
have enjoyed my work, but find the prices of the originals less
than ideal...will now have an option.

Please visit my work at Fine Art America using the link below and...

Fine Art Prints on Demand

...note I now have a Fine Art America link in my links (right column)
area. Click on it to go directly to my gallery there.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter Tree Turkeys- Oil Painting 40"x 50"

Well...I think after today, this baby is really pretty much about
done. A touch up of edges, some minor work in the midground
tree area...but, I already put my name to it, so...pretty happy
with where its at.

I believe it took me about the same amount of time to sketch
up my turkeys, (which I used to paint from) as the painting end
of it itself.

here's the sketches....and the paintings. Each image clicked on
will bring up a much larger image...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Chessy Retriever Oil Painting- Riley...

Now that Christmas has come, it is now safe to
post this work I completed about a month ago, which
I did at my younger son's request as a gift to his wife
Ashley. From my wife and I....

To prep, I did a couple smaller oil studies...

The dog is young...full of vigor and all that is pup.
She is maturing. I love her intense gaze. A very pretty
dog...and painting this reminded me why I used to love
accepting commissions to paint dogs. I believe I will
open myself up again for such dog portraits.

20"x 24" oil

clicking on the image will show a nicer larger

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Near Finished...Big Squall Ruddy Ducks- Oil Painting

6"x 9"

I'll let it sit around, tack up a bit...see what needs
touching up, but I'm pretty happy with how this one
is coming around. Clicking on this image will bring up
a larger view...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trout Theme Painted Chair

I was asked by a local person if I'd do a favor for
a Christmas present.

I always hate when folks in the community ask me how
much something would cost. Living in a northern logging
community, I know people here work VERY hard for their
often meager living...and have little understanding or
appreciation for the arts.

If I told them what I should get for something like this, I
just know they wouldn't be able to afford it, or perhaps
they might...but their values being what they are couldn't
fathom paying it.

So...I did this for a very small fee, which kinda floored my
wife, but...I said, "'s Christmas you know?"

They wanted a trout fishing theme...with a I
painted a brook trout, rainbow...some flies, a creel and
fly fishing rod...

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