Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ducks Unlimited...Redheads Oil Paintng

18"x 24" oil...Redheads...

Could it be early morning...eyes peeled to the skies when
suddenly from the side of the blind a group of redhead
divers come wisking by? Could it be last half hour of
light where the sun throws much glare on the water, and
your last hope of the day for ducks to decoy?

To feel the air's chill with brisk winds, maybe break a
good bit of surface ice to get your skiff out into the water.
The bobbing and forming of ice beards on your decoy
bills. Its a moment one takes everything in, the mood
of nature and any sign of a change leading to dangerous
conditions, the fronts that push migrations. All quite
exciting for the waterfowler to experience and take in!

This piece, just finished is my donation to the Fox Valley
Ducks Unlimited chapter...where I'm the featured artist,
and as always an honor to help raise monies for habitat,
conseravation, management; all coming up August the


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Wow! Your paintings look so beautiful!

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