Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finished Winter Runoff Black Bear 8"x 10" oil

Well...as the title says, it is now finished. I also took
the photo outdoors in a bit better lighting, so color
may appear slightly different from the originals below.

I made a few darker accents, along the rock in the
nearer area where water lapping might make the rock
darker anyway, but the aesthetic painter's reason for
such is the anchor the darks of the bear so that its
very dark stark value does not appear foreign to the

Indeed a big black bear bruin with its rich velvety
black fur would appear astonishingly black up close
and personal. Anyone surprised by a bear in near
proximity will remember that about them!

I'm leaning at this time using this as a reference now
to start a much larger canvas...40"x 50" or larger.

I invite you to click on the image to see larger...and
thanks for looking!


Blogger RSimmonds said...

Hi Larry,
Love the bear painting and I can see how the dark areas around the waterfall have tied the bear in. Compositionally are there 3 so as to form a triangle?
The water is incredible, it looks alive and not static and glass like. I have been starting to notice how our eyes see things as opposed to how a camera sees them and have realized that life is very rarely still with precise edges to everything!

I have a question about your painting in general. You have written that after learning to paint outdoors you no longer aspired to paint as artists you admired, describing their work as realistic, laboured and lifeless. Are you saying that the 20 years you spent painting this way were a complete waste of time or do you find that they were essential to the way you paint now? or at the very least have they helped you to understand colour, light, composition, subject etc. better?

3:16 PM  

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