Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A study of a Moose in Oils... 9"x 12"

Using a Zorn Palette...of red, black, yellow ocre and white..
I started a study of a wading, drinking bull moose today-

Working on this for my next book I am writing on learning
to paint painterly realism.

What is interesting is that aesthetically any stage or level of
finishing such a painting like this is possible. I could leave
the left side nearly as is...with a few sketched lines, bring to
a great refinement a focal point such as the head/eyes area
of the moose's head. I could paint the whole of the moose,
leaving it looser, more painterly brushwork...or refine one
area again, finish the whole of the moose more painterly,
and add a suggestive background.

It becomes all kind of fun to play with such, considering one's
options along the way. Will repost when finished...

Clicking on image reveals a nicer large image of the moose.


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