Friday, April 20, 2007

Bull Elk...WIP (work in progress)

Another fun study...but looking shortly to
produce a very large elk painting, and hoping
my small studies and experiments come up with
something down the road as a reference for
that large one.

This is developing from a split complementary
palette...will post finished work.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Progress on the Mallards...

A bit more done today, and I've been filming this painting's
progress...intending on a short YouTube and Google short
time lapse video...and possibly a longer indepth step by step

Here the larger work followed by a couple close-ups of the
ducks so far...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mallards in Flight Painting -donation to Ruffed Grouse Society

I started a 19"x 29" heavy canvas stretched oil painting
for my piece to be donated for auction at this year's
Ruffed Grouse Society; once more honored as their
guest host artist.

I began with paper mock ups drawn of the ducks which
I temporarily taped onto the canvas...then used turps,
copal and mud/neutral pigment to sketch out..

then, I mixed up a large batch of the mud gray neutral
at midgray value, and blocked in the masses, then wet
into wet would work lighter and darker values as well
as color into it...

Here then, after my first day into this is where I
end this session. Feeling I got a lot of this off to
a good start....

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