Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Near Finished...Bluebills on the Bay...oil painting

Well...been awhile since I posted progress pics on
this blog, and now nearly finished...

Added some incoming bills now, and using a rounded
toothpick that I use with a drafting lead holder pencil,
I paint finer detail such as the ripples on the water to
suggest the breeze/wind effects that accomodate the
coming of a front, and also some of the detailing of those
more distant incoming ducks. Here's what that tool
looks like-

*as always, click on the images to see larger...thanks!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Longtail Island Bluebills- Oil Painting

Starting a new one that goes a long way back to very fond
memories with friends of my youth, friends still...that of
waterfowling on the bay of Green Bay. Nothing represents
such more for me than the view of Longtail Island, now
very much grown in and near less an island. We used to
wade with decoys over one shoulder, shotgun the other
out into the pitch black thigh to hip deep water in the
direction of the island not seen until about 40 yards off
of its welcome shores.

Somedays so cold, we'd have to break thru 20 yards of ice
to get out or push a skiff.

Here I have a front moving in, indicated by the darker
cloud above...always a welcome time for waterfowlers as
such fronts mean the big wave of Canadian divers will
be on the move. Often bluebills and buffleheads, a good
number of redheads rafting up to congregate and create
islands of ducks 5,000 to 7,000 strong. A site to see.

This is the beginning stages, having painted the background
and using photoshop and my old sketches, am working on
placement of the ducks to assemble a pleasing painting
composition. I'll post the finished work when completed.

Clicking on the smaller image will bring up a much nicer

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